Call for Solidarity in court by Rote Hilfe München

We would like to document a call for solidarity in court by Rote Hilfe München on January the 23rd:

Nobody will be alone!

The Munich local group of Rote Hilfe calls for a visit in solidarity in court on January the 23rd.

S. routinely protests against PEGIDA München. When the right wing protesters gathered together at Marienplatz on the 10th of April 2017, she was there as well as the convicted right wing terrorist K.-H. Statzberger. There were many arguments between the PEGIDA protesters and the counter protesters. Some left activists including S. got filmed from inside the cage, while the protesters inside the cage were stirring up hatred against foreigners, Muslims, and everything else they perceive as alien. Statzberger called S. a “whore”. S. reported Statzberger to the police. On January, the 23rd, Statzberger will stand on trial and S. will be there as deponent. Statzberger hopes that many of his comrades will be with him in court and support him there as well as monetary afterwards. Therefore we call for a visit in court in solidarity with S. Let us support our [friend] and show her, that she is not alone!

We will meet at 10 o’clock in front of the court room no. A210 on the second floor.

This text was translated into English by us. You can find the German original here:

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